Branch Awards

Each year, the Awards Committee, chaired by the Past President of the Branch, considers worthy individuals to receive one of six named awards. The first step of this process is nomination - which must be submitted by a fellow colleague in the branch. Nominations can be submitted via a printable form OR electronically via the nomination submission form.    


Please submit award nominations to Dr. Benjie Blair
- E-Mail:
- Post: JSU Department of Biology, 700 Pelham Road North - Martin Hall 242, Jacksonville AL 36265.

Nomination Submission Form

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Award *
Criteria listed at the bottom of the page
We will NOT contact nominee. The Award Committee will contact you Fall 2015 to see if you would like to move forward with the nomination (i.e. submit a formal nomination letter)

Award Criteria 

P.R. Edwards Award
Outstanding service in furthering high professional ideals and standards in microbiology & originality and high competence as a practicing professional in microbiology

Elizabeth O. King Award
notable and significant contributions in the areas of diagnostic, public health, or medical microbiology

Margaret Green Award
Outstanding service in the teaching of microbiology, particularly at the undergraduate level

James C. Feeley Award
Notable and significant contributions in the area of environmental microbiology and/or occupational health microbiology

Robert G. Eagon Award
Notable and significant contributions in the area of microbial physiology and/or microbial genetics

Ivan Roth Award
Notable and significant service to the Branch