Elizabeth 0. King AwarD 

First awarded in 1 970, the Elizabeth 0. King Award honors the memory of Elizabeth 0. King, a former clinical microbiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who took it upon herselfto identify the difficult-to identify organisms. The E.O. King Award was initiated by Atme Blevins through a bequest to the Branch. This award is given to an individual who, while a member of the Branch, has made notable and significant contributions in the areas of diagnostic, public health, or medical microbiology. Qualifying contributions may be publications, work in microbial systematics including the collection, organization and interpretation of data, teaching and training, and/or evidence of superior performance as a diagnostic microbiologist.

2007 Robert Benson, CDC
2002 Arvind A. Padhye, CDC
2001 Richard R. Facklam, CDC
1999 William Benjamin, University of Alabama Birmingham
1998 Arnold G. Steigerwalt, CDC
1996 Kenneth B. Waites, University of Alabama Birmingham
1995 Ivan Roth, University of Georgia
1994 Katherine Sulzer
1993 Mary Ann Lambert-Fair, CDC
1992 Charles A. Schable, CDC
1990 Joel Lewis, CDC
1988 Charlotte Patton, CDC
1986 Pat Greenup, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Betty McGrew, CDC
1985 Alma M. Murlin, CDC
1984 Jan B. White, Hamilton Medical Center, Georgia; Francis Brenner, CDC
1983 Joy Wells, CDC
1981 Carolyn Baker, CDC
1980 Janet Collins, Atlanta V. A. Hospital
1979 Gilda Jones, CDC
1977 Daniel Hollis, CDC
1976 Robert D. Francis, UniversityAlabama Med. Center
1975 Alice Brim, Georgia St. Department of Health; Betty Davis, CDC
1972 Minnie Schreiber, Florida St. Board of Health
1971 Harvey Tatum, CDC
1970 Elizabeth O. King, CDC; Anne Blevins