James C. Feeley Award

First awarded in 1991, this award was established in honor ofJames C. Feeley who was a long-time member ofthe Branch and who was at CDC for more than 20 years after which he co-founded Pathogen Control Associates, Inc. which specializes in environmental and occupational health microbiology. He was most prolific in research and outbreak investigations associated with Legionnaires' disease, problems with Salmonella in poultry and pet turtle industries, problems with anthrax in the textile industry, Yersinia in water, leptospiral outbreaks, streptococcal diseases associated with foods and human carriers, formaldehyde-resistant Mycobacteria, staphylococcal disease causing toxic shock, Lyme disease and Listeria associated with oysters. This award is given to an individual who resides in the geographical area of the Branch and who has made notable and significant contributions to environmental microbiology and/or occupational health microbiology.

2009 Valerie J. Harwood, University of South Florida
2002 Samuel R. Farrah, University of Florida
2000 Sidney A. Crow, Jr., Georgia State University
1999 Larry Beauchat, University of Georgia
1998 E. Charles Hartwig, Florida Department of Health
1997 Donald G. Ahearn, Georgia State University
1996 Brian S. Shelton, Pathogen Cont. Assoc. Georgia
1995 Barry Fields, Pathogen Cont. Assoc., CDC
1994 George Morris, Pathogen Cont. Assoc. Georgia
1993 James Barbaree, Auburn University
1992 Emmett B. Shotts, Jr., University of Georgia
1991 Eugene Gangrosa