Margaret Green Award

First awarded in 1986, the award is named in honor of Margaret Green, Professor Emerita of Microbiology at the University ofAlabama, Tuscaloosa, and recipient of the ASM Carski Teaching Award in 1 977. The Margaret Green Award is presented to an individual who resides in the geographical area of the Branch and who has rendered outstanding service in the teaching of microbiology, particularly at the undergraduate level.  

2012 Michelle Furlong  
2010 Laura B. Regassa, Georgia Southern University
2009 Donald J. McGarey, Kennesaw State University
2008 Laura Silo-Suh, Auburn University
2006 Benjie Blair, Jacksonville State University
2005 Margie Lee, University of Georgia
2004 Dorothy "Don" Davis, Kennesaw State University
2003 Valerie J. Harwood, University of South Florida
2001 Anna C. Glasgow-Karls, University of Georgia
2000 Wayne Krissinger, Georgia Southern State University
1998 Sara Bennett, Georgia Southern State University
1997 Gregory J. Stewart, State University West Georgia
1996 Edward P. Previc, University of Florida
1995 Elisabeth Elder, Georgia Southwestern College
1994 Al Brown, Auburn University
1993 Sally DeGroot, St. Petersburg Jr. College
1992 Gene E. Michaels, University of Georgia
1991 Elisabeth Elder, GA Southwestern College
1990 William Blevins, Auburn University
1989 Daniel V. Lim, University of South Florida
1988 Ivan Roth, University of Georgia
1986 Mary Hood, University of West Florida