First established in 1960, the P.R. Edwards Award honors the memory of P.R. Edwards, a distinguished microbiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the co-author with W.H. Ewing of several editions of "Identification of Enterobacteriaceae" as well as many other publications. This award recognizes excellence in microbiology and is to be made to an individual residing or working in the geographical area of the Branch who has rendered outstanding service in furthering high professional ideals and standards in microbiology and who has demonstrated originality and high competence as a practicing microbiologist.

2011 Kenneth I. Berns, University of Florida
2010 Mary Brown, University of Florida
2007 Bala Swaminathan, IHRC, Inc.
2005 Susan Sanchez, University of Georgia
2004 David E. Briles, University of Alabama at Birmingham
2002 John H. Paul, University of South Florida
2001 Daniel V. Lim, University of South Florida
2000 William Whitman, University of Georgia
1999 James Barbaree, Auburn University
1998 Robbin S. Weyant, CDC
1997 Juergen Wiegel, University of Georgia
1996 Lonnie O’Niel Ingram, University of Florida
1995 Ivan L. Roth, University of Georgia
1994 Michael Doyle, Universityof Georgia
1993 David Wood, University of South Alabama
1992 Ivan L. Roth, University of Georgia
1990 Larry Beauchat, University of Georgia; Emmett Shotts, University of Georgia
1989 Don J. Brenner, CDC
1988 Walter Dowdle, CDC
1987 Albert Balows, CDC; Robert Weaver, CDC
1986 Sandra Larson, CDC
1985 Mustafa Hamdy, University of Georgia
1984 George K. Morris, CDC
1982 Donald G. Ahearn, Georgia State University
1981 David C. White, Florida State University
1980 William R. Finnerty, University of Georgia
1979 Martha Rhodes, Florida Department of Agriculture
1978 Libero Ajello, CDC
1977 Andre J. Nahmias, Emory University; Charles Alford, University of Alabama
1976 Robert Eagon, University of Georgia
1975 Roy Curtiss, III, University of Alabama Birmingham
1973 Anne L. Pates, Florida State University
1972 W.J. Payne, University of Georgia
1971 Elaine L. Updyke, CDC
1970 Nathan J. Scheider, University of Florida
1968 William B. Cherry, CDC
1967 William H. Ewing, CDC
1965 John J. Cebra, University of Florida
1964 Charles C. Shepard, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)