Robert G. Eagon Award

First awarded in 1992, this award was established in honor of microbial physiologist, Robert G. Eagon, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology at the University of Georgia. This award is given to an individual who resides in the geographical area of the Branch and who has made notable and significant contributions in the area of microbial physiology and/or microbial genetics.

2007: John Foster    University of South Alabama
2004: William “Barny” Whitman    University of Georgia
2002: Susan K. Hollingshead    University Alabama Birmingham
2001: Lawrence J. Shimkets    University of Georgia
1999: David Briles    University of Alabama Birmingham
1998: Gregory J. Stewart    State University West Georgia
1997: K.T. Shanmugam    University of Florida
1996: Daniel D. Jones    University of Alabama Birmingham
1995: W. Jack Payne    University of Georgia
1994: Ahmed T.H. Abdelah    Georgia State University